Homophobe Refuses to Tip Server Gets Surprise Tweet From God

Credit Card Invoice





Last week Dayna Morales, a former Marine and current waitress at a Bridgewater, NJ restaurant, shared an incident on Facebook’s Have a Gay Day Page.  Dayna presented a $93 dinner tab to Mom, Pop and their two young children. Mom, later identified as Mrs. Bigot, wrote on her credit card Invoice, in lieu of a tip,

“Sorry I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle & the way you live your life.”

Satire-ish.com caught up with the Bigots’ and interviewed Mom.

Satire-ish.com: Must be exhausting deciding how much to tip based on the status, appearance, or lifestyle, of your server?

Mrs. Bigot: It is. We used to tip 8% for excellent service, but, you know, the math was tricky and, frankly, expensive. Now, we just Eyeball our server. We’ve been lucky. We always find a reason to hate.

Satire-ish.com: Did you know that over 15,000 people have expressed support for the woman you refused to tip?

Mrs. Bigot: Yea, I was shocked to read that. Don’t know what’s happening in this country. It’s getting to be a Bigot isn’t safe speaking their mind anymore. What’s going to happen to us? I mean, yesterday, I got a Tweet from God. God used almost the same words I used with that waitress. I printed it out. I’ll read it to you. God tweeted this:

“Sorry I cannot let the Bigots into Heaven because I do not agree with the way they live their lives.”


Later, we asked God to elaborate. God texted the following to us:

Going to Church is not a ticket to Heaven. Tell your readers God said no one is getting into Heaven who does not object to every joke that begins with, ‘This Polish guy walks up to two Jews in a bowling alley…’, or ‘Two fags walk up to a priest…,’ or “This drunk Irishman walks into a bar…’, or …  Damn, damn, damn. It’s too wordy. Here’s my Rule:

‘The Pearly Gates to Heaven are closed to anybody who acts like they are better than someone else.  That’ll work.”


  1. Nancy Parry says:

    Brilliant…as always!

  2. The whole story is fake.

    • I read that this morning also. But even if the waitress fabricated the story – and it now appears she did – so what? Does her lie mean there is no bigotry or prejudice toward gays in the country? Do you think there are not people in this world who do every day what the waitress fabricated happened to her? An isolated, minor incident of prejudice is not necessarily newsworthy. What I thought was worthy of comment was the overwhelming expression of disgust by thousands and thousands of straights. I wrote that, perhaps, we were seeing a tipping point where bigots might not be so comfortable spewing their venom, and banal comments, in public. And I still believe that. I also wrote that those, not the victim of prejudice, need to speak up and be heard. And I still believe that. Many years ago, I was standing in line waiting to pay for a pair of shoes I intended to buy. In line, in front of me, a black customer asked if the cashier would take her personal check. The cashier said, “No, we don’t take personal checks,” and turned quickly to me. I asked the cashier if she would take my personal check. The cashier said, “Of course, you have been a customer here for many years and we know you.” I corrected her: “I’ve never been in this store and you don’t know me,” and tossed the shoes on the counter and walked out. On the street, the black customer, stopped me and screamed at me angrily. “That was stupid. You didn’t get the shoes you wanted, and what did you prove? Do you think what you did just changed this world?” I acknowledged that it might not, but told her I get physically sick to my stomach every time I should speak up and don’t. Did I change the world? I think I did. And I still believe that. Keep spitting in the ocean and the tide will rise.
      As for the waitress, I’m curious but not qualified to comment or her motives. I’ll leave that to the talking heads on Fox News.

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