Sweeter Than Justice


A compelling psychological drama, Sweeter Than Justice unfolds in a world where choices are never simple, the lines between right and wrong are blurred, and it’s hard to tell heroes from villains.

It’s South Philly in 1963, and young law student Geanina Palmieri (Amanda Schlachter) matches wits against the muscle of Philly’s mob boss Marco Donnatucci (Joseph Parra). Only Geanina, the perfect hostile witness, can save the mob boss’s son (Rafael Petlock) from the electric chair … but will she? Her life is turned upside-down until she discovers a path to prevail against her adversaries, but, as often happens, the results come with unintended consequences.

“Though set in 1963, the play offers a view of ourselves today,” says the playwright, Robert Lipkin. “It examines how the healing powers of friendship, love, and justice are too often subrogated to the more irresistible power of vengeance.” This drama leaves audiences wondering what they would do were they in Geanina’s place.”

The Regional Premiere of Sweeter Than Justice is scheduled for a fully-staged, two-week engagement, May 12 – 22, 2016, at Sarasota’s Asolo Rep’s Cook Theatre.

This Equity production also includes actors Tom Foley, Dan Higgs, Don Walker and Brianna Larson; it is being directed by Carole Kleinberg, former Producing Artistic Director of the Banyan Theatre.

“Sweeter Than Justice” features original music composed by Sarasota icon Joe Micals, who has written scores for HBO, PBS, motion pictures and musical theater.

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