Sean Elias


Please let me introduce myself. I am Sean Elias, a citizen of Great Britain and, until recently, a resident of, London, England. The writer, Robert Lipkin, has brought me to the American side of the Big Pond to be the exclusive reader of his commentaries, poetry-ish little rhymes, and blog posts.  Lipkin believes that Americans have been unduly fascinated by the sound of the English voice ever since Richard Burton first whispered in Liz Taylor’s ear.  In my opinion, Princess Diana, and now her two sons, have had a lot to do with sustaining that fascination… Regardless, Lipkin believes my readings shall add some panache to his body of work.  And how could that not be true?

I look forward to someday securing more meaningful and pecuniarily more satisfying employment and someday advising Mr. Lipkin to go fuck himself, or, as we more politely put it on our side of the Big Pond, “Please go off somewhere and partake in an act of parthenogenesis?”




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