Behind, is Robert Lipkin, the voice, or, more accurately, the  “… moving finger that writes and moves on…”  (thank you Omar Khayyam).  Lipkin’s right-brain has long been devoted (perhaps addicted) to creative writing, while his left-brain muddled along, as the older more responsible twin, practicing law, paying bills, and performing other menial services for hire.*

Included on this site are few of Lipkin’s published shorter works, located in the Menu item “Short Plays &  Stories“. Lipkin chooses serious subjects seasoned heavily with enough humor to make them a bit more palatable. Any thoughtful comments are welcome.

While they both keep crying, “Say it ain’t so, Joe,” Lipkin earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from Temple University and Juris Doctorate from Villanova Law School. Lipkin is a member of the Dramatists Guild and a former  member of the Board of Directors of Havre de Grace, Maryland’s Art Council and New Jersey’s Perkins Art Institute, then the largest teaching art institution in New Jersey.

* While serving as President of Rutgers Casualty Insurance Company and Rutgers Motor Club, Lipkin received a White House Entrepreneurial Award for an innovative program he designed with MADD – which offered a free taxi ride home, from a restaurant or bar, to members as an alternative to driving while intoxicated.

About The Blog

This blog is a homage to some of my childhood heroes not named Mickey Mantle or Jackie Robinson. While that list includes stand-up performers and satirists like Mike Nichols, Elaine May, Sid Cesar, and Mort Saul, the only one who wrote full-time, for more than six decades, was Art Buchwald.

Buchwald’s special gift was exposing the day’s most powerful pompous asses as Emperors with “no clothes”.  Tip-toeing in those footsteps, we’ll focus on the self-inflated. And mindful that anyone “… can fool all of the people some of the time…”, we will target especially those who think we are asleep, or sheep, or just too preoccupied to notice them picking our pockets. And sometimes we will just write about the stuff humans wonder about.

WARNING: Sometimes, when unexplainably thinking in rhyme, we fall victim to a poetry-ish style, but it’s easy to read… If anything in this blog pisses you off, wakes you up, or moves you to thought, we invite your insightful and succinct feedback. And humor helps. Without humor, all the chatter is just noise.

In a world with way too many rules, only two are enforced here: 

  1.  Hustle to first base all the time, and

  2.  First to lose their sense of humor, loses.